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MDL-S Metal separator

Product Description

Product advantages

The metal material of the shell and the part directly contacting the product are made of high-quality materials;

Compact structure, easy to install, easy to integrate into the existing pipeline;

Special structure design can effectively avoid vibration;

A variety of calibers are available, and the models meet all practical applications;

The counter records the number of times the metal is removed, and you can know the pass rate of the product batch in more detail.

Performance characteristics

Integrate detection coils and separate devices into one, the controller and the host can not be separated, easy to install and use;

Fast rejection through the rejection system can reduce material loss and will not interfere with the normal production process;

A variety of calibers are available, and the models meet all practical applications (product specifications, accuracy requirements, working flow);

Testing material characteristics: bulk material, dry, good fluidity, powdery particles;

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm;

Sensitivity: up to 0.5mm of iron;

Optional anti-static type; optional air filter;

Optional quick connector and airtight flange to realize quick installation and disassembly;

Protection level: IP54.

Application field

Bulk material inspection in plastic industry, food industry, chemical industry and other industries


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